Honey Badger French Saison brewed with local honey - Four Fathers Brewing Co.

Honey Badger

Saison 6.4% abv, 37IBU Aroma: Spicy peppery yeast driven aromatics, light hay aroma from the malt. Flavour: Spicy, dry, light honey like character. Saisons were traditionally beers made by farmers in Belgium to nourish and feed their farmhands. This is a bigger and more badass version. Malts: Pilsner Malt, Munich Malt, Flaked Wheat Hops: Perle… Read More »


Wee Gobshite

Red Rye Pale Ale 6%abv 30IBU Aroma: Fruit forward and melon like with a piney backbone. Flavour: A spicy and bready character. Bittered with columbus, and finished with amarillo and mosaic for a fruity flavour. Malts: Pilsner malt, Abbey, Crystal, Rye malt Hops: Columbus for bittering, Amarillo and Mosaic for flavour, Dry hopped with Columbus… Read More »

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Belgian Dubbel 6.5%abv, 20IBU Aroma: Rich malt, raisins, sweetness, dark stone fruits, plums. Flavour: sweet, light bodied, slight warming from the alcohol content. A traditional Belgian style Abbey Dubbel. First brewed by trappist monks in Belgium this is a fairly traditional example of the style. Uses Belgian Candi Syrup (beet sugar syrup) to lighten body,… Read More »

Saucy St. Lucy - Four Fathers Brewing Co.

Saucy St. Lucy

Hoppy wheat 4.8% abv 22IBU Aroma: Fruit juice and melons. Very hop forward. some soft hay like wheat malt Flavour: Crisp dry, fruit, melons, citrus. Light bready wheat flavour. A low ABV, low alcohol, dry and refreshing hop forward beer. Malts: Flaked Wheat, Abbey Malt, Pilsner malt Hops: Columbus for bittering, heavy simcoe and amarillo… Read More »

Pyotr Chetyre Peter the 4th Russian Imperial Stout with cinnamon and vanilla - Four Fathers Brewing Co

Pyotr Chetyre

Russian Imperial Stout 8.5%abv, 50IBU Aroma: Sweet malt, fragrant cinnamon, and vanilla. Flavour: Sweetness and vanilla tempered by a slight roast malt character. Full bodied. Malts: Maris Otter Base Malt. Chocolate Malt. Carafa III, Crystal. Hops: Columbus for bittering. Cinnamon and Vanilla added.

Cardabomb Double IPA - Four Fathers Brewing Co.


Double India Pale Ale 9%abv 70IBU Aroma: Spicy floral and fragrant. Flavour: Conditioned on green cardamom, and dry hopped with simcoe and amarillo. spicy floral and fragrant. Malts: Pilsner malt, Abbey malt. Hops: Columbus for bittering, Simcoe and Amarillo for flavour and aroma.

Witdisturber Wheat - Four Fathers Brewing Co.


Wheat 5%abv 35IBU Aroma: Local wildflower honey adds a light floral and perfume note. Flavour: The wheat and Munich malts make a soft cereal and bread crust like flavour. Authentic German wheat beer yeast adds a light banana and clove character. Malts: Pilsner malt, Flaked wheat, Munich malt. Hops: Hallertauer, Perle Extra: Hawkins Honey.

Witty in Pink Hibiscus Witbier - Four Fathers Brewing Co.

Witty in Pink

Hibiscus Witbier 5.1%abv 15IBU Aroma: Fresh Orange and fruity coriander. Flavour: The orange zest and coriander add a fresh citrus aroma, and the hibiscus lends a slight tartness and light pink hue. Very dry finish, and the tartness of the hibiscus makes for a very refreshing and thirst quenching beer. Malts: Flaked Wheat, Pilsner Malt.

Fore Play Session IPA - Four Fathers Brewing Co.

Fore Play

Session India Pale Ale 4.8%abv, 40IBU Aroma: Fresh Citrus and fruit up front. Some light caramel. Flavour: Slight bitterness, fruity hops, and sweetness. Full bodied despite its abv. Designed to be all the flavour of an IPA but without the high abv content. An everyday beer you can drink all night. Malts: 2-row base malt.… Read More »

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Session with a ‘Stache

Session India Pale Ale 4.8%abv, 40IBU Aroma: Pine with light Citrus and fruit. Flavour: Slight bitterness, fruity hops, and sweetness. Full bodied despite its abv. Malts: 2-row base malt. Abbey Malt, Crystal Malt, Flaked Wheat. Hops: Bittering = Columbus. Aroma and dry hop = cascade and Galaxy