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Saucy St. Lucy is available now and here for the Summer at your favorite Pubs, Bars and Restaurants!


Saucy St. Lucy – Hoppy Wheat

4.8% abv 22IBU

Aroma: Fruit juice and melons. Very hop forward. some soft hay like wheat malt

Flavour: crisp dry, fruit, melons, citrus. Light bready wheat flavour. A low ABV, low alcohol, dry and refreshing hop forward beer.

The Story of Saucy St. Lucy

One of the early Christian martyrs, Santa Lucia (283-304) was devout and steadfast, if not exactly saucy. And like most martyrs, it didn’t end well. Let’s put it this way… she is the patron saint of the blind for a good reason. In many areas of Italy, the festival of St. Lucy is commemorated through the serving of pasta or other wheat dishes (wheat grains apparently symbolizing her plucked out eyes) and the gift of the grain to the poor. Our spiritually sustaining wheat beer celebrates the sweet and nourishing character of wheat, with a bit of a secular attitude adjustment thanks to the generous addition of Amarillo and Simcoe hops. Hey, No one ever said that the road to Heaven was paved with good additions?!