BeerScratch SeriesPackagesBox O’ Cans – 12 Can Convenience Pack


Box O’ Cans is a beer variety box with a pull tab opening to create an ease of use in any fridge

You can fill it with 12 beers of your choice
***PLEASE MAKE SURE TO SELECT “THE BOX O’ CANS” AS AN ITEM. If the box is not selected, this will be treated as a regular order 🙂 I.E 12 cans of your favourite Four Fathers Cans + 1 Box O Cans

So What’s Inside?

Each box contains 12 beers – all 473ml  cans. We have 3 options available from our flagship brands, our limited scratch/seasonals or a complete mix of everything

Make it Custom

You can tell us what beers you’d like to put in your box! Select your 12 beers online and the box – we will package it up and fill in the ‘To and From’ and deliver for you!



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