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Box O’ Cans is a beer variety box with a pull tab opening to create an ease of use in any fridge

You can fill it with 12 beers of your choice
***PLEASE MAKE SURE TO SELECT “THE BOX O’ CANS” AS AN ITEM. If the box is not selected, this will be treated as a regular order 🙂 I.E 12 cans of your favourite Four Fathers Cans + 1 Box O Cans

So What’s Inside?

Each box contains 12 beers – all 473ml  cans. We have 3 options available from our flagship brands, our limited scratch/seasonals or a complete mix of everything

Make it Custom

You can tell us what beers you’d like to put in your box! Select your 12 beers online and the box – we will package it up and fill in the ‘To and From’ and deliver for you!

Treat it as an Advent

This Advent-style box includes 12 individual craft beers, each representing a day for the 12 days of Christmas. Just place box in fridge, pull cardboard tab and each day they’ll discover one of our favorite beers to enjoy

Let us be Santa! We are offering FREE delivery (now to Dec. 23rd) of these boxes free of charge to anyone within the Tri-City and Guelph areas Monday – Friday (just get your order in by noon).
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