• Aroma: Fresh citrus and tropical fruit.
  • Flavour: A romanticized pilsner profile, light grainy notes with a soft citrus and floral hop character. Easy drinking, flavourful, all season beer.
  • To the committed beer drinker, the traditional pilsner style can feel like a trusted old friend: comfortingly predictable and, if not exactly fashionable, at least always around when everything and everyone else is just, well, too much. So imagine the shock when your trusted and true old buddy Pils starts suddenly sporting a nasty hop tattoo, taking salsa lessons, and talking back to the beer elders. Then friends, it’s a whole New World!
  • Four Fathers’ crisp and thirst-quenching New World Pilsner — with its light grainy notes and soft citrus and floral hop character — might still be a bit of a traditionalist at heart. But the arm chair has been ditched for a trail bike, and they might be too busy to text for a while. Hey Pils, we like the new you!

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