Come for the Fun. Stay for the Play!

Have fun and improve your game in a welcoming space that features a lounge area, TONS of programming, social and sport networking opportunities, plus all the tasty beer our brewery has to offer!

3x3 Competitive Ladder

Players can be of any skill level to play in this competitive ladder. During this ladder play, players will play three timed matches of three timed games each on one court, rotating around until you have played with each of the three other people on your court per match. You will do this 3 to 4 rounds, playing 9-12 games in 3-4 hours.

Solo Drilling

This is a self-directed program. Members and Non-Members can book a court to drill on their own (court 1 or court 6) by using the wall as a drilling wall. Also, this is an opportunity to use the ball machine for drilling practice as well which can be used on any court.

Family Sundays

Members can bring the family out for an hour of pickleball fun! This program is a great way to bring the family out for a fun hour of pickleball.

Organized Round Robin

Organized Round Robin is a great way to meet other players and play in a fun and social recreational environment. During this three hour program, players will have the opportunity to play without needing to worry about finding a partner. Once registered, each player will be given a number. Then, they will play with a different partner each game. We will organize play of about 6-8 rounds then give players an opportunity to mix among themselves to encourage social play and meeting other people on their own.

DUPR Initialization Sessions

This initialization session is for people who currently do not have a DUPR rating or have a DUPR rating between 2.0-4.0. You will play multiple games throughout the session, and at the end based off your performance you will receive an updated rating via DUPR.

Open Play

Club members of all skill levels can take this opportunity to play with others in similar skill levels. Players will rotate between games to have an opportunity to play with different players each time. To rotate players, we use the format of winners split and stay on the current court while the losers move down a court and split so that they have a different partner to play with each time.

Stretch & Mobility

This class is a combination of strength and flexibility geared towards countering the repetitive movements required in pickleball. Participants work on balance and include some cardio and specific movements that are a part of the game. Greater range of motion combined with strength to help prevent injuries is the goal. Music is used to create a fun positive atmosphere. Please bring your own yoga mat. This program will be done by the changeroom-equipment area.

Drill Club

Drilling helps our brain train to practice and repeat shots so that we will level up our game. Each week our coaches will shake things up by doing some unique drills to keep things fun while we learn a thing or two and put it into practice with a couple of games.

Junior Pickleball

Our junior program is designed to introduce youth aged 10-15 to the exciting sport of pickleball in a fun and supportive environment. This program focuses on teaching the basic techniques, rules, and strategies of pickleball while emphasizing sportsmanship, teamwork, and active play.

Women's Social Play

This is a great program for ladies to meet and play with one another in a fun and positive social setting.

Our Story

  • Phase 4: NOW OPEN!
  • Phase 3: January 2023
  • Phase 2: March 2022
  • Phase 1: February 2022

The Four Fathers Pickleball Society is NOW OPEN! We are a membership-based club, with drop-in and rental options available for those who are not Members and want to give our courts a try. We want those who come to our courts to love pickleball as much as we do, which is why we aren’t skimping out on the details that matter!

Visit us and discover the wide array of programs and events we offer! Call 226-979-1174 or email to book a complimentary facility tour with us.


Less than a year after they had picked up their rackets for the first time in Naples, Mike, Marty, and the whole Four Fathers team began to turn dreams into reality with the launch of a pickleball construction project in the warehouse. The two makeshift courts were to be replaced with 6 indoor, all-season courts, complete with professional-grade  court and nets.

In July 2023, we dove head-first into the world of pickleball, and became a sponsor of the Southwestern Ontario Brewers, one of eight pickleball teams in the newly formed Canadian National Pickleball League. Our goal is to support emerging athletes in this amazing sport.

With the construction project in full swing, we anticipate that the next – and arguably most exciting – phase of this dream will come true in late 2023.


After returning home from his vacation, their minds were running wild with dreams of pickleball. Both owners knew that Four Fathers Brewing had some open space at the back of the warehouse. A pickleball club also aligned with their vision of making Four Fathers a destination brewery for Hespelerites and beyond.

Pickleball at Four Fathers had humble beginnings with two makeshift pickleball courts in the warehouse, complete with a paint-your-own court lines kit and pop-up nets. Regardless of the way it looked, the whole team at Four Fathers started to love pickleball the way Mike and Marty did. It was time to make this casual pastime with family and friends into something real.


It was during a vacation to Naples, Florida in early 2022 that owners Mike and Marty first played pickleball, the sport that seems to be exploding in popularity across North America and beyond. Both Mike and Marty had seen pickleball before in arenas during their kids’ hockey practices, but had never really taken it seriously.

While touring around Naples on vacation, they came across the East Naples Community Park, home of the US Open Pickleball Championships. They couldn’t believe their eyes – the facility’s 65 courts were full to the brim! What was all the excitement about?

With rackets in their hands and a humbling game lost against some friendly seniors, they soon realized that this was the start of a lifelong love affair with the sport.

Mike and Marty had fallen in love with pickleball, and wanted to bring their love for it home to Hespeler for their whole community to enjoy. This sport was easy to learn, exciting, and fun. But above all, it had the potential to become something big in their little corner of the world.


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To purchase your Membership, please visit Court Reserve. Individual Memberships Monthly: $147.50/month + HST Annual: $135/month + HST Couples Memberships: Monthly: $275/couple/month + HST Annual: $250/couple/month + HST
Our courts will be open from 5 am - 10 pm every day of the week! The courts will be staffed from 9 am - 10 pm daily. All Members will receive a FREE key fob with their Membership to access the courts during these hours.
Absolutely! We offer a range of programs and events that are available to both Members and Non-Members. Please see our Program & Event Calendar to view the programs we currently offer.
Program and clinic booking priority will be given to all Members. Spaces available 24 hours before a program can be booked by Non-Members by calling 226-979-1174 or emailing
The Four Fathers Pickleball Society is located at 125 Guelph Avenue in Hespeler Village.
Whether you're a Member with us or not, you will certainly be able to host events in this space! Members will have access to discounts for event-related court rentals. Please contact to make your reservation.

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