Stand 4 Something Good

Four Fathers Brewing Co. is proud to show our commitment to stand by our community and make a difference.

Our passion for brewing has always been based on the simple premise that sharing matters, be it high quality craft beer or doing our part to support the local community. Our Stand 4 Something Good beer series is our way of giving back to the community that has and continues to support us. Each quarter, we proudly brew a special beer in support of a local or regional initiative, chosen and voted by our staff, with a portion of the proceeds going directly to that cause/charity/organization. It is just another way in which Four Fathers Brewing Co. shows how we “Stand 4 Something Good”.

Donate to Ukraine

Four Fathers Brewing Co., Proudly Donating to Ukraine

50 cents of every "Shevchenko" can sold will be donated to to the 'Building Ukraine Together Partner Project, Razom, and Ukrainian Educational Platform - Saving Ukrainian mothers and children'

We at Four Fathers Brewing Co. abhor the unprecedented assault on democracy that is currently unfolding in Ukraine, and stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian people during this difficult time. Ukraine, and in particular the beautiful city of Kyiv, remain close to our hearts as it was there that the idea of the brewery was first discussed. Our flagship Shevchenko 9, a Ukrainian dunkel, commemorates that event and our enduring affection for the city. For the month of March, Four Fathers Brewing Co. will be donating 50 cents of every Shevchenko 9 can sold to the ‘Building Ukraine Together Partner Project, Razom, and Ukrainian Educational Platform – Saving Ukrainian mothers and children’. These organizations are working together to help the people of Ukraine.
Four Fathers Brewing Co. continues our hope for peace and for the security of the Ukrainian people. If you would like to donate, please visit

"Mango Your Way Downtown" Charity Beer

50 cents of every "Mango Your Way Downtown" can sold will be donated to Monica Place

Monica Place
Four Fathers Brewing is currently brewing our next charity beer in our Stand 4 Something Good series for Monica Place, an organization in the tri-cities dedicated to helping young, expecting mothers. Their mission is to “support two lives at a time”.
The women of Four Fathers Brewing came together on International Women’s day and were honoured to begin the brew for such an important charity beer. 50 cents of every can sold of “Mango Your Way Downtown” will be donated to Monica Place.
This sour beer includes mango, mint, lime peel, barley and hops. We can’t wait to taste it!
For more information about Monica Place and how to volunteer or make a donation, please visit

"Brede Rivier" Charity Beer

50 cents of every can sold of "Brede Rivier" will be donated to the Canadian Mental Health Association of Waterloo and Wellington

“Brede Rivier”, our first charity beer in our Stand 4 Something Good campaign for 2022 was completed and is currently available for purchase online and in our retail store.
Brede Rivier, meaning ‘wide river’ in Dutch, is a White IPA, with pink peppercorn, coriander and orange peel.
This beer has tons of wheat, pink peppercorns, coriander, orange peel and a ton of delicious new world hops.
Brede Rivier was brewed in support of Mental Health, with 50 cents of every can sold going towards Canadian Mental Health Services.
Tasting notes: orange, spice, citrus, lime peel.
We all know the toll the pandemic has taken on mental health. According to the Canadian Mental Health Association, the pandemic has intensified feelings of stress and anxiety, causing alarming levels of despair, suicidal thoughts, and hopelessness in the Ontario population. This time of the year isn’t easy for many to begin with, but this year it feels extra hard. And though there’s hope on the horizon, we’re not through it yet. We all have our part to play in staying healthy, and that includes taking care of our mental health in new and challenging ways.
Take care of yourselves, check in on each other, reach out to those who are vulnerable and who may be struggling. We are stronger together!
If you or someone you know is struggling, please visit


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