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Four Fathers Pickleball Society

Pickleball at Four Fathers Brewing will be fun, social and friendly. The rules are simple and the game is easy for beginners to learn… But can develop into a quick, fast-paced, competitive game for experienced players.

We have had many inquiries regarding pickleball at Four Fathers Brewing Co., so we wanted to keep you updated as we continue the logistics/planning/construction phase. Our first order of business is to construct 6 indoor pickleball courts. The eventual goal is to offer memberships and have it serve as a pickleball club of sorts, that features the full service of food and beer that the brewery has to offer.

UPDATE: Construction is still underway and is still going to be a couple months before fully complete. There is no official projected launch date at this time (updated April 10, 2023).

Please see below, our most recent frequently asked questions

1. How do I sign up?

Please stay tuned. We will be providing sign up / membership information closer to our launch date which will be closer to summer.

2. Will you be opening your courts to the public?

Yes, we are building 6 indoor pickleball courts.

3. Are your courts open today?

While we do not yet have a Grand Opening date, construction is underway and we anticipate the courts will be ready mid year. We will keep everyone updated as the build progresses.

4. Is there a membership fee?

There will be a membership fee. However, the price is still to be determined.

5. How many members will you be allowing to join?

Memberships will be available to everyone.

6. Can I come by myself and play other members?

Yes, of course, members can come alone and play with other members.

7. What time of day do you open?

The schedule is still to be determined.

8. Will there be a time you close?

This is still to be determined.

9. Is there a league?

Not at this time, but we plan to have a “Pickleball Society”.

10. Will there be nighttime pickleball when you get this going?


11. Can we eat and drink while playing?

There will be a lounge area, with the option for ordering foods and beverages.

12. Can I host a pickleball event (my birthday) on your courts?

Yes, you will definitely be able to host events in this space.

13. Is there a rental fee if we use all your courts?

Yes, however the logistics are still to be determined.

14. How many people can come at once?

We will have 6 full size courts and a lounge area to accommodate large groups.

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